Fungal nails are nails affected by a fungus or a yeast. Fungal nails are also called ‘fungal nails’. This is not a correct name, because the nail deviation has nothing to do with lime. Yeasts and fungi form so-called traces in the nail bed, which can remain active for years and are difficult to get rid of. They can be transferred from one person to another.

If you do not have this in-house then it really only concerns a few cents that you can use for years. Please note that you do not use the products at the same time, this gives a bad reaction and may also be harmful to your health. (There is nothing wrong with each other) But everything remains at your own risk.

4 weeks roadmap to get rid of fungal nail / remedy / treatment.

1st day

You have to soak your feet in a bath with chlorine. this must be 20 minutes. Approximately 2 tablespoons flashes in for example and bucket. Dry well and then polish your nails with pure chlorine. (with brush or pipette) not 1 nail but all nails to prevent infection of fungal nails. Allow to dry for a few hours max. 2 hours and then wash thoroughly! After this treatment, your feet are bacteria free, and nails are also nicely bleached, (No more green or yellow, but beautiful pink – white)

2nd day

the thickness of your nail you should hone and what’s really friable must be cut, it is up to the meat. You can also use a dremel as a file nowadays. After filing well, you can paint your fungal nails again with chlorine. Brush with a brush or with a pipette. Allow to dry for 1 hour. And then wash well! And after this you use hydrogen peroxide (in the same way to really kill the fungi, and to remove the dirt under the cuticle)

3rd day

use Sterilon all nails so they shine like nail varnish. Also drip the belt under the nails. This is done three times a day (morning afternoon or night). Be really aware of all nails! You must repeat this every day until the 14 days have passed. But before you go to sleep, lubricate all nails with Dampo or Vicks vaporub and leave it all night. And after you have used the sterilon in the morning, lubricate Dampo or Vicks vaporub again and let it sit until you use the sterilon in the afternoon.

15th day to end treatment

Total treatment is 4 weeks, but on the 15th day until the 30th day you can start using dettol. This means that the other products can now be stopped. Dettol use: mix dettol with water so that it is just enough like a normal cleaning in your house. Put it in a spray bottle or spray plants, spray your feet nails bottom and let it dry. Do not dry yourself! Repeat this 3 times a day if this is possible. Inspire your shoes (1 x is sufficient) If necessary, in the washing machine. For this period you will continue to use Dampo or Vicks vaporub in the morning and in the afternoons .

However, it is necessary that you keep the filing of the nails and cutting (also after the treatment). The use of dettol after showering once a week is also a plus to keep the nails healthy. In addition, it is still advisable to continue with Dampo or vicks vaporub or your nails for 1 month to prevent kickback. All this works almost 99%, so we assume that all this works for your fungal nails. Remember that almost 80% of people suffer from fungal nails. We therefore recommend that you share this.

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