Growing a beard requires a certain dedication. This trip is actually a test of your character and for some people a way of self-discovery. It is therefore not easy to reach, but the pay-off is ultimately big and gives you a great feeling. The reason that many men have problems to continue growing a beard is because they give up when there is not yet visible progression going on . There will be a period in which you can not get rid of your beard because of itching, irritated skin and bald spots.

This annoying incident is unfortunately enough for many men to stop early and shave smooth again. If you have made the decision and you want the full 100%, then it can help to find inspiration and have the final goal in mind. What often helps is that setting a start date and a minimum number of weeks in which you make the appointment with yourself really do not shave, regardless of the irritations or comments from your immediate environment.

Why grow a beard?

To put the question differently: why not grow a beard ? Although stubbles and shaved faces are ‘the norm’, it is nowadays great to grow a beard, regardless of your profession or background.

In that sense it is easy to make the decision to grow a beard. But it is also just as easy to go against yourself and choose to shave again – and you will undoubtedly do that a number of times before you really commit and continue.

The most popular reasons for growing a beard are:

To look older
To get rid of a baby face
Because it fits your personality
To shave less
Women find it masculine

Does your beard grow faster when you shave?

No, shaving regularly does not affect the speed of beard growth. Your hair will not be thicker, fuller or harder. The reason many men take this for granted is because most men start shaving during puberty. And it is precisely during this period that hair growth accelerated because of the changes in hormone levels, but that has little to do with shaving. Your hair follicles are also not stimulated by the razor or the like.

What is the speed of beard growth?

The speed at which hairs grow is about 1.5 centimeters per month. This differs per person, but that difference in speed will be minimal. In some men, beard growth seems to go faster than in others, but this has to do with:

The color of the hair . Dark hairs give the illusion that the beard is thicker and fuller
The thickness of the hair . Thin hairs give a less ‘full’ look
The density of the hair follicles . More hair follicles creates a ‘fuller beard’ with fewer hairs.
From which age does the beard growth begin in men?
In most men, facial hair starts in the final stages of adolescence, between the ages of 17 and 20. A full beard will only be noticeable from the beginning of the twenties.

Up to what age does a beard grow in men?

Just like all the hair on your body, your facial hair also continues to grow. However, the speed and color will decrease as you get older.

Stop shaving

So you have decided to grow a wild beard. But you can not maintain something that you do not have. Sounds logical, but if you want to grow a real beard you simply do not have to shave anymore. That also means that you do not have to be tempted to shave a small piece or to shave your hair a little shorter. Another reason is that the hair follicles can get irritated during a shave, which can prevent growth in those areas.

As soon as you decide to grow a beard, do not shave for at least a month.

Many men find the proliferation of new hair tedious. It itches and you soon want to add a bit because not all hairs grow with the direction of the hair. This is really discouraged because it is visible during the entire growth process. Trimming at a later time is easier.

Do not shave after the first week

If it is the first time you grow a beard, the first 7 days will be quite a bit. The hairs look ‘rattled’ and the itching starts to increase. What you will notice is that your skin will probably be red and dehydrated. This is because previous shaves have caused your hair to be cut off, and these hairs are currently scraping along your skin. If the itching is too intense you can possibly wash once with beard oil, which will soothe the skin. Besides patience and perseverance, you can do little more in this phase. You can visit Organic Birth Movie to know about healthy beard growth.

After the first four weeks of beard growth: decision moment

After a month of not shaving your facial hairs will be long enough to model them. This is also a decision moment: you can choose to trim your hair or make things tighter here and there, or if you go for the full, rough beard, then you let them grow.

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