Gynecomastia is the medical term for the development of abnormal breast tissue in men. Numerous factors may lie at the basis of gynecomastia. In some cases it may be decided to proceed to an operation. gynecomastia natural cure

Breast formation in Men

About half of the men suffer from breast formation, which can actually be called normal. Some do not feel comfortable with this because they feel that this is not male. Most people do not even dare to see each other openly and openly within a relationship. They always keep their clothes on, even when it is very hot. Some have difficulty accepting their own body.


The presence of female hormone during puberty
A change in the production of hormones
Swallowing hormones
Hormone-producing tumors on the testes or airways
Side effect when using medicines
Reaction in liver or kidney disease
Diseases such as too strong a thyroid gland
Fat accumulation in the breasts as a result of being overweight
Breast cancer


The GP feels whether it is adipose tissue or whether gland tissue is present. Often one is referred by the GP to an endocrinologist. An endocrinologist examines patients with complex hormonal disorders or metabolic disorders. First, it examines what the underlying cause of gynecomastia could be.

Nipple research

The nipple is first examined. If this is normal, this may indicate benign mammary gland tissue. Broken skin or excessive asymmetry may indicate malignant mammary gland tissue.

Teel ball examination

After the nipple examination, the testes are examined. Certain testicular anchors can cause mammary gland tissue. The test of the test consists of two parts: examination of the volume of the testes and an ultrasound. One makes images of the testicles by means of ultrasound waves. The research is painless and not harmful.


After the test of the test, the latest research comes: a mammography of the breasts. One takes a picture of each breast. One examines whether the breast tissue consists of glands or fat or possibly both. Alternately, the breasts between two plates are printed as flat as possible. This research is far from pleasant but takes a very short time.


Gynecomastia can be treated in different ways:

Hormonal treatment

The presence of glandular tissue in a male breast indicates an overproduction of the female hormone. In this case, treatment with hormones is most advisable.

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