Protein shakes are plugged by bodybuilders and fitness experts, but they have a very gray area in connection with what they do. Those people are often big and muscular, so the answers are not always obvious. Can protein shake cause you to pick up weight? Protein shake is really a two-edged sword, they can make you gain weight, or with the right diet, can help you lose weight.

Protein shakes when a regular weight training can make routine that you gain weight but not a lot. The additional protein helps to build and feed the muscles. When you experience the tired and tense muscles after weight training, your protein intake is what repairs the muscle fibers. If you try to pick up muscle, and therefore weight, GainingWeight.Info recommends taking 1-1½ times your body weight in protein grams.

Remember, though, with weight training, the protein you eat increases to compensate for muscle development, but you will need to eat a lot more calories to maintain muscle gain. If you do not eat enough calories on a daily basis, you can lose the muscles you worked hard to win, so the protein shake will not work out.

High-protein and low-carb diet plans are very popular for the fact that they help you lose weight fast. By adding a low-calorie and low-fat protein shake to your diet plan, it can boost your daily protein consumption and help in your weight-loss goals. Protein fuels the muscles, and the more muscle you build, the less fat you have. According to Byron Richards of, “The amount of quality protein in your diet is the one most important calorie that affects your metabolic rate, favorably losing weight.” Richards recommends in 3/4 of your body weight in protein grams a day to lose weight. Low-calorie, high-protein shakes may provide much needed protein that you may not normally receive with meat, poultry and fish.

By incorporating protein shakes into a balanced diet of complex carbohydrates and lean protein sources, as by Dr. Atkins is recommended in its original diet book, you can help yourself to lose weight.

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