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Your immune system protects your body against all kinds of harmful substances such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Your immune system also protects you from foreign substances such as chemicals, synthetic substances and it does its work in inflammations, mutated body cells and injuries. Your immune system is therefore extremely important to you. But if your immune system is disrupted, allergic reactions can occur and even autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and even MS. In this blog you get 10 tips to give your immune system a big boost.

You understand that you yourself have a lot of influence on the proper functioning of your immune system. Now follow a number of practical tips that you can easily apply and that boost your immune system.

1. Strengthen your intestinal flora

Your intestinal flora determines your health to a large extent. All your food is consumed by your intestines. Your stomach and your intestinal flora are therefore a good indicator of your health. Your intestinal flora is about 80% of your immune system. Therefore, include fiber and linseed in your diet.

2. Avoid sugar

Sugar is not good for anything, it is addictive (this is currently being studied scientifically) and it takes your immune system out of action for several hours.

3. Avoid cow’s milk from the supermarket and gluten

Milk and gluten cause allergies in many people. This does not apply to you, but you can take the test once by leaving a period for foodstuffs where these ingredients have been processed. Experience how that feels.

4. Drink enough

Your body and your immune system need moisture to transport nutrients to where they are needed and to remove harmful substances. Drinking enough daily is therefore very important. Due to all sorts of external conditions, such as air conditioning, coffee and sunlight, you dry out a bit.

This is therefore at the expense of your immune system. So drink enough and try to drink some Celtic sea salt or wheat grass. Both are full of minerals and they carry off all kinds of harmful substances. This way you boost your immune system.

5. Sufficient movement

By exercising you can relieve stress, get tired and sleep better and deeper. Physical activity also helps to burn extra calories and discharge extra waste. Especially the effects of exercise stimulate your immune system. In this way you get not only the much needed movement but also a lot of oxygen.

6. Enough sleep

Provide 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep activates your immune system

7. Reducing stress

Avoid stress, or make sure you discharge your daily dose of stress. You can do this by playing sports, looking for fun, taking a walk or just laughing. You can literally eat stress and negative emotions from the inside. This is at the expense of your immune system.

8. Express yourself

Although there are more and more means of communication, people seem to express themselves less and less. It seems that they no longer dare to stand up for themselves, for fear of being laughed at. Make sure you stay close to yourself in what you do.

9. Avoidance of antibiotics

The name says it all: anti-bio, which means anti-life. Antibiotics kills all bacteria in your intestinal flora, including the good ones. Sometimes you can not do otherwise, but if possible, avoid this.

10. Healthy diet

Healthy eating contains enough minerals, vitamins and other healthy substances that help the immune system. You can also count herbs while eating. Food that helps your immune system is, for example, kale, Italian herbs, onions, garlic, ginger, avocado, oats and wild salmon.

Also eat sprayed fruit and vegetables as much as possible. You will understand that pesticides do not do your immune system any good.

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