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Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids

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Many people are ashamed when they have hemorrhoids. Nevertheless, a large part of the Dutch population suffers from this condition. What are hemorrhoids and what can you do about it?

Hemorrhoids are sagging swelling bodies in and around the anus. Everyone has these erectile bodies. They keep the anal canal air and watertight.

Origin of Hemorrhoids

A swelling body is a spongy network of blood vessels, covered with a thin layer of mucous membrane. They are located at the end of the rectum and at the beginning of the sphincter.


Sometimes they get enlarged and they may also come out of the anus. The enlargement is painful, especially during and after you went to the toilet. Sometimes they bleed or become inflamed.

Hemorrhoids can arise for various reasons . Possible causes are too little physical exercise, too little drinking or too high a body weight. The main cause, however, is in our diet. Nowadays our food contains little fiber. Fibers do not digest and retain moisture, which softens the stool.

Because these fibers are missing in the diet, the stool becomes hard and dry. This means you have to press harder and put more power during the bowel movement. This irritates the swelling bodies, which then swell. This is how hemorrhoids can develop and settle.

How do you know you have hemorrhoids?

If you have hemorrhoids, you notice the following symptoms:

The mucous membrane on the hemorrhoid may become vulnerable. This allows some bright red blood to get on the toilet paper when wiping the buttocks.
Some intestinal mucus or loose stools can leak through the sphincter. This causes unpleasant itching.

When the hemorrhoids get pinched in the anus, they swell further. They can then break and start bleeding. The sphincter of the anus and the area around it become irritated by this. This gives a burning sensation and itching.
You can do this yourself

Ensure good bowel habits : Do not delay it if you have to go to the toilet. The stool then dries further and further.

Do not press too much during pooping.

A warm bath ensures that the anus can relax. A hot bath can also help to combat the symptoms visit – herbals daily website

Salves and suppositories can make the symptoms disappear. Be careful with suppositories. Usually they end up above the hemorrhoids and then they do not work well.
Coffee, tea, sugar and carbonated drinks stimulate the anus, which can cause itching. Do not use it too much.

Ensure sufficient movement

Wash yourself with cold or lukewarm water without soap and then dry the skin thoroughly.
If the symptoms are serious, or if they continue to come back, consult your doctor. Even if you have complaints and are not sure whether it concerns hemorrhoids, it is important that you go to the doctor. The examination can possibly take place under local anesthesia.

Medical treatment

There are some medical options to tackle hemorrhoids :

The return of the swelling bodies to their original location.
Allow the excess mucous membrane to bind with rubber bands. This causes it to die within seven to ten days.
An irritating fluid may be injected under the mucous membrane. As a result, the hemorrhoids dry out and shrivel.
An operation under anesthesia.
There are also ointments and pills available that can reduce the symptoms. Ask your pharmacy, the general practitioner or the drug store.

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