The Common Features

Mood swings: Borderline personality disorder or borderline just like mood swings with bipolar disorder. A BP can suddenly burst into anger from one moment to the next, become very sad or very extremely happy. A patient with borderline is never really satisfied, complaining a lot about emptiness, boredom and suicidal thoughts.

Bipolar Disorder

Uninhibited & impulsive behavior: Both people with borderline and bipolar disorder are quick to spend too much money and things that they do not need, or sexual outbursts.

Irritable mood

And what are the differences that are typical for these disorders?
In bipolar disorder, there is no need to change mood
In bipolar disorder, the episodes usually last longer than one or a few days

Someone with the borderline disorder has a hard time making social contacts and maintaining them. A division is made by them in good and bad people and also have many relationships that are short-lived, everything or nothing.

A BP has to relieve the tension of his body and sometimes does so by deliberately injuring himself or attempting suicide.
If you suffer from borderline, you can hardly be alone . You then panic and are only avoiding his even more.

As a border liner, you also have high expectations of yourself and this is what you expect from others too. If this does not work, the disappointment is very great. This creates the reaction to break relationships quickly when something goes wrong or to take an impulsive resignation. The result is social isolation and difficult integration into society.

Borderline vs Bipolar disorder A borderline disorder must be taken seriously because it is a serious personality disorder, with a chronic evolution.

There are recurring crises , hospitalizations, suicide attempts, addictions, different episodes (depressed, anxious, aggressive). Determining the different personality disorders varies, however.

A distinction must be made between the adult personality disorder with a reasonably stable character and the immature personality disorder that improves with time .

In the past, the borderline disorder was known to be difficult to treat. However, effective therapies have recently been developed to treat borderline personality disorder.

It now appears that during a period of ten to fifteen years, only half of the borderline patients still meet the criteria that were then set for the condition.

However, you can not conclude from this that it goes well with these patients because this personality disorder can also express itself differently . There are no different types of borderline, but there can be a difference in the behavior of a BP.

It is remarkable that the borderline personality disorder occurs more often in women than in men. The reason for this should be sought because women are more often the victims of sexual abuse . This abuse is more likely to be discovered as a cause.

As a result, women often get eating disorders or start to do self-injurious behavior. Men with borderline, on the other hand, are more likely to develop addictions or often end up in the criminal environment.

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